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New Worldwide Express Integration Added

While you may need shipping services with national coverage, there are times where it can be helpful to have more local providers with contacts and people right up the street from your operations. And we know that even though you ship envelopes or boxes, you might also need palletized freight. That's why Pacejet likes to find carriers who provide a range of services to meet the needs of each unique business we serve.

In this post, we're pleased to announce a new integration with Worldwide Express to further extend the range of parcel and freight services for Pacejet shippers. Read more to find out about Worldwide Express, their commitment to a local presence, and the benefits of our integration support.



Why Customers Choose Worldwide Express

With more than 150 offices across the United States, Worldwide Express is a leader in shipping with a local presence. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Worldwide Express also has offices in major cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelpia, Phoenix, San Diego, and Miami. 

As a third-party logistics (3PL) company, Wordwide Express provides a range of shipping options from parcel to freight. They offer a variety of services at all levels and additional enterprise benefits for larger volume shippers. And, as one of only two authorized UPS resellers, they can provide big company benefits to small and midsize businesses for national and international parcel shipments.


Integration Notes

The Worldwide Express integration with Pacejet supports a full complement of rating, shipping, and voiding functionality that is available for any Pacejet user running popular ERP integrations and for custom integrations via the Pacejet API. Popular special services supported includes residential (pickup and delivery), lift gate, inside (pickup and delivery), notification prior to delivery, limited access types, and more.

Activating the Worldwide Express integration is similar to activating other freight carriers, including setup for printing bill of lading (BOL) documents, capturing ProNum values, etc. Existing Pacejet customers can request help from support at help@pacejet.com to evaluate the carrier setup or to see if new services are needed. 


Get Started

If you are an existing customer, you can learn more about new carrier integrations by contacting the Pacejet support team at help@pacejet.com. Not sure which carriers are right for you? Read our article on how to pick a shipping carrier.

Or, if you are new to Pacejet, contact our sales team and they will talk with you about all of your company's shipping needs.

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Please note that this enhanced integration does not imply endorsement by the carrier; your contract and business relationship will continue to be managed by your company and the carrier. 

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