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Fully Connected Shipping

Announcing  the  Pacejet Version 21.2 Release

Pacejet is excited to announce the next release of our Fully Connected Shipping Solution. Pacejet Version 21.2 introduces a faster printing feature, hazardous shipping via a UPS WorldShip integration, and user experience improvements in consolidation, and Webhooks. Read on to learn more about the latest updates in this release. For additional information about these new features, please reach out to our support team to access product release notes published in our online Help.


Key Features and Enhancements

The Pacejet 21.2 release delivers new functionality and workflows, including faster printing, new technology for our UPS WorldShip integration, and more.

Here are additional details about the key features found in this release:

    • Pacejet Print Connector Faster Printing (Limited Availability) - In this platform release, printing is noticeably faster when using the latest Pacejet Print Connector 21.1 included as a service in the new Pacejet Connector installation. Pacejet now informs Print Connector when a print job is ready instead of checking the print queue at timed intervals. Print processing has been tested to deliver as much as a 47% improvement. NOTE: This feature is in early release and has limited availability. Contact Pacejet Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager for more details. This feature may require locations to be migrated to a new data center, a Pacejet Print Connector upgrade, and possible configuration changes.
    • New Technology for UPS WorldShip® Integration (Limited Availability) - A new integration supports the processing of hazardous materials or dangerous goods (or a mix of hazmat/non-hazmat materials) in parcel shipments through the UPS WorldShip local client. The integration supports packing in Pacejet, which is then sent to WorldShip for rating and shipping and requires that items in Pacejet have UN codes for hazardous items. WorldShip prints all documentation, and the shipment is then sent back to Pacejet to be imported back into the ERP. NOTE: This feature requires locations to be hosted on newer Pacejet Data Centers, updates to the Pacejet Connector, an API connection to the ERP, specific Pacejet licenses to be enabled, and may require configuration changes in the Pacejet platform.
Additional Enhancements:
    • Consolidation – The consolidation feature has been expanded to allow for shipments to be added to an existing consolidated shipment. Pacejet also now logs Dates and Users in the Quote/Shipment Trace screen anytime a consolidation event occurs.
    • Webhooks – Webhooks now set the Modify Date on a Webhook Subscription when it is automatically deactivated due to delivery failure. When a Webhook delivery attempt fails, a notification appears in the Edit Event Subscription screen. The failures are triggered by Retry Attempts and Timeout values defined in the Webhooks setting page under Setup, Application Settings, and clicking Webhooks from the menu on the left.
    • Add "N" to Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Ship – Pressing or scanning “N” on the Rate and Ship page now opens the Quick Ship Screen.

The Pacejet 21.2 release delivers new functionality and workflows, including faster printing, new technology for our UPS WorldShip integration, and more.

New features for faster printing, UPS WorldShip Hazmat, and other enhancements highlight this release! Reach out to learn more.

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