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Fully Connected Shipping

Announcing  the  Pacejet Version 21.1 Release

The Pacejet team is excited to announce the availability of our second release of the year for our Fully Connected Shipping solution. Pacejet Version 21.1 introduces new features to enhance your shipping processes and help you meet your customers' needs. Continue reading to learn more about the latest updates included in this release. For additional information about these new features, please reach out to our support team for access to product release notes (also published in our online Help).


Key Features and Enhancements

The Pacejet 21.1 release delivers new functionality and workflows, including a new view on the Shipments screen, deferred printing controls, and event tracing. This platform update also includes support to create a shipment from a load and new functionality to use alternate UPS return addresses in shipping.

Here are additional details about key features found in this release:

    • ERP Status View and Search Options - New view on the Shipments screen with two columns called ERP Status and ERP Status Message, with the ERP Status also viewed at the bottom of the Shipments page under the View dropdown. The search function now enables you to search on ERP Status values and has an added option in the Value menu to search for shipments with a status of Retry.
    • Search Unsuccessful ERP Updates and Updating ERP Failures - Pacejet now provides the ability to search for values inside of Unsuccessful ERP Updates from the Shipments screen and can reprocess all ERP Updates that have failed while using Deferred or API style updates.
    • Trace User Responsible for Event - Now when tracking a shipment, the Trace tab provides a User Column to track which user is responsible for each action taken upon a shipment.
    • Deferred Print Support for Faster Workflows - New feature for deferred printing allows fulfillment workflows to “spread out processing” to achieve higher fulfillment speeds in the warehouse. This option is helpful for printing all the labels at a certain time instead of having them print immediately. This can help spare the extra step of looking through a stack of printed documents to find the ones you want. 
    • Create Shipment from a Load - All containers from all shipments inside of a load will be copied into a single shipment, thus saving shippers the effort of creating the shipment from scratch. This feature can be especially useful for cross-border international shipments.
    • Files to Support Document-Only Carriers - Improved support for document only carriers. By creating and selecting a Document Only carrier from the Carrier Service dropdown menu, you can enter the desired Carrier Name, Service, Mode, SCAC, etc. In addition to overriding carriers to print documents, shipments can also be imported directly from the ERP as document-only carriers.
    • Better Handling of Carrier Configuration File Issues - This enhancement provides more resilient handling of corrupt carrier configuration files, avoiding a problem with rating for other carriers when a problem is introduced for a single carrier.
    • Alternate Return Label for UPS - Support for alternate return labels for UPS shipping will allow users to designate other locations to receive returns or for use-cases involving blind shipping. 
Plus more...

New features for ERP Status and search, deferred printing, shipment creation, and alternate UPS return addresses are the main focus of this release! We can tell you more.

Contact us to learn how you can increase savings and improve your shipping processes.

We're here to help if you're interested in learning more about any of the new features mentioned here.  

For more information on Pacejet, visit www.pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email sales@pacejet.com.

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