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Fully Connected Shipping

Announcing  the  Pacejet Version 20.4 Release

New scan-pack-and-ship workflows, features that control and automate override carriers, flexible new configurable Pacejet Rules functionality, and a highly requested security feature highlight this release!

The Pacejet team is excited to announce the availability of our 20.4 release of our Fully Connected Shipping solution with powerful new workflows, features, and functionality for all your shipping needs. Read on to learn more about how these enhancements will help your business ship smarter, faster, and deliver exceptional service to your customers. To learn more about any of the new capabilities outlined here, please reach out to our support team for access to product release notes (also published in our online help).


Key Features and Enhancements

The Pacejet 20.4 release introduces major new scan-pack-and-ship workflows, widely requested features to control and automate override carriers, and flexible new Configurable Rules-based functionality to install lists of custom scan-to-identify shipment fields. Other improvements in this release include a highly requested security feature to suppress cost visibility on the rate and ship page, auto shipping usability improvements, and expansion of package identifier numbers to align with the current maximum transaction ID length.

  1. New Feature Quick Scan – The new “Q” hotkey scan will activate an optimized workflow supporting three-scan shipment, scan multiple items before selecting a package, auto rate-shop, or auto-ship on complete. Other fields include support for self-pack or master packs, auto-ship on scan if items are pre-packed, and support for deferred printing (note that deferred printing is scheduled for the 20.5 platform release). Help includes a new Feature Brief for Quick Scan found here.

  2. New Feature Scan By Custom Fields – The new “Scan By Custom Fields” feature allows administrators to use a  Pacejet  Rule to install "Scan By Custom Field" support for an arbitrary number of custom fields. Example use-cases include scanning re-usable tote numbers assigned to multiple parts of a shipment or scanning custom fields printed on picking paperwork. Help includes a new Feature Brief for Quick Scan at this link. 

  1. Suppress Cost Visibility on the Rate & Ship Page – This feature provides a new setting to suppress the Shipment Cost field's visibility for specified user roles. A common use-case here is to prevent the visibility of shipping costs for sales users.

  2. Auto Shipping Improvements – Processing improvements for auto shipping will prevent shipments from displaying on the shipping workbench until they are fully eligible for processing. Another enhancement will allow Pre-Ship rules to run when Auto Ship is set for import or selected on the shipping workbench.

  1. Expand ShipPack Control Number – Expanded the DB schema to allow longer ShipPack Control Numbers (up to full 15 characters) to avoid unexpected limitations.  


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