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Fully Connected Shipping

Using Freight Account Overrides for Better Billing Control

As your shipping operations grow, there is a good chance that mixed freight terms and billing requirements will become more complex. You might pass along some shipping costs to customers as charges that appear on their invoices or sometimes your company will pay for shipping as a customer service. Your larger customers may have learned to aggregate their total carrier spend for better discounts and may want you to ship against their carrier account numbers. Another increasingly popular scenario is where shipping charges for orders received through online web sites such as Amazon will need to be shipped against an overall "corporate" account number. Today's post and demo video takes a closer look at using the Freight Account Overrides feature with Pacejet to simplify third party billing of shipments with NetSuite.

Most Pacejet users are aware of standard features like freight terms and freight pricing control that can be used to manage mixed freight billing scenarios. For example, shipments may be processed with Prepaid and Charge terms to automatically add shipping costs to customer invoices in your NetSuite ERP or with Prepaid terms to capture costs/prices but NOT add them to customer invoices. More complicated scenarios involve Third Party Billing where customer account numbers can be stored in NetSuite and then automatically used in the shipping process. Today's video demo provides a quick look at a Third Party Billing shipping example and then highlights a feature called Freight Account Overrides which allows users to cross-charge shipping to any other customer on record.

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And you thought freight billing was a boring topic! We hope you found today's quick video demo helpful. Have a suggestion for another topic or demonstration you would like to see covered in an upcoming blog post? Contact us today, we love "call in" requests.


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