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Fully Connected Shipping

Address Errors - How to Avoid this Common Mistake and Improve Your Shipping Service


Many types of shipping errors only come up in certain circumstances, but improving processes to decrease the rate of address-related errors is something that applies to every shipment. After conducting an audit, finding the source of these errors should be high on the list of priorities.

Compliance for Growing Beyond Borders


Export Compliance

Manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses face many new, unfamiliar compliance requirements as they grow, which can become sources of uncertainty if not addressed proactively. We’ve previously discussed this in regards to retail compliance, but how about international expansion? Growing an international customer base is exciting, as it opens up entirely new markets to your products. When domestic markets become saturated, overseas markets make for logical expansion choices. However, along with that excitement comes a degree of uncertainty – the good kind – of all the additional requirements of shipping goods cross-border.

Making or Breaking your eCommerce Business with Shipping


Shipping matters. What do we mean? You or someone you know likely has a story about an order that arrived damaged or with the wrong item, that ruined the experience with not just the brand, but the shipping carrier, too. 

As eCommerce businesses try to accelerate their growth, it's crucial to understand the pivotal role that shipping can play in making or breaking the business. 

On this episode of The Link Podcast, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ron Lee joins Diego Praderi at Tavano Team to discuss the importance of optimizing shipping processes. 

With bigger retail shipping opportunities come more compliance complexities. Are you ready?


As your business grows, you start working with larger trading partners, and more of them. Pretty soon, the processes that worked to ship products direct-to-consumer, or small retail outlets simply cannot handle the volume or complexity. Welcome to the world of retail compliance.

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