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Fully Connected Shipping

De-Risk Your Data Transmission With Our New Advance Shipping Notification Integration

Pacejet - New Features, Pacejet - Partners

When shipping to large trading partners, data – accuracy, completeness, formatting – is everything. Growing relationships with the world’s largest retailers, whether opening new accounts or expanding existing ones, depends on the ability to share data that is correct and compliant with the format unique to each one. Absent that, shippers risk penalties in the short-term, and the entire business relationship in the long-term.

Simplify Similar Shipments with Container Cloning (Demo Video)

Pacejet - New Features

Taking the hassle out of the packing process has been core to our functionality for many years, starting with the introduction of our Scan Pack solution. Scan Pack originated as a way to help validate orders and reduce the number of errors occurring in the shipping process. A few years back, we expanded Scan Pack to add functionality that focused on automating data collection for retail compliance. This introduced ways to scan multi-level structures, such as scanning items into boxes and items onto pallets.

Now we are introducing a new feature with the ability to clone containers allowing users to rapidly capture data in your packing process, and duplicate similar shipments to get items out the door faster. Continue to see a demo video of the new functionality.

If This, Then That Shipment Rules (Demo Video)

Pacejet - New Features

Simplifying the shipping process is a huge contributor to saving time and money across your operations. Whether that’s reducing manual tasks, triggering certain workflows, or setting up limitations on specific thresholds. All these items fall under process automation and are easily accomplished with Pacejet Rules. In fact, due to Pacejet shipping automation, we’ve seen customers reduce shipping labor up to 80% with fewer manual processes and better shipping integrations. This allows employees to focus on other areas of the business.

So how do you incorporate rules into your shipping automation? Keep reading for a video of Pacejet rules that demonstrates how to create your own custom Rules in Pacejet to automate more shipping scenarios and get more orders out the door with less effort.​

Easier Access to Your Shipping Data for Carrier Negotiations or Shipping Performance Analysis (Demo Video)

Pacejet - New Features

As we look forward to the year ahead, many businesses are mapping out improvements they can make to keep shipments moving while mitigating rate increases. Building up safety stock is one strategy some are using to lower shipping costs and reduce stock outages (To avoid price hikes, businesses are finding other ways to protect their margins). On the heels of major rate increases from the big carriers (FedEx and UPS increase rates on average 5.9% from a consistent 4.9%.), more businesses are looking at regional options (Should FedEx and UPS care about the LaserShip+OnTrac Merger?). And with LTL at peak capacity, more shippers are reviewing their LTL contracts to secure capacity at the best price they can get (Transportation Rates Forecast: Q4 2021).

To make strategic shipping improvements we see many shippers needing easier access to all of their shipping data. Fortunately, the Pacejet 22.1 Release has a major feature update coming in January to our Bulk Export tool that helps shippers easily export shipping history for any date range or search criteria with easy data formatting to support analytics or carrier negotiation. Keep reading for a demo of this feature and more information.

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