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Fully Connected Shipping

Shipping for NetSuite WMS Advanced; Video Demo and Introduction.

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Pacejet support for the new NetSuite WMS Advanced module provides complete multi-carrier shipping functionality for users looking for more advanced fulfillment options. Support for LTL / Freight shipping with an automatic bill of lading document, real-time integration with more parcel, LTL, and 3PL carriers than any other NetSuite solution, full support for freight quoting and real-time rate shopping, automatic merging of separately packed containers into a single shipment, and availability of enhanced export forms or other shipping paperwork are just a few of the features

New Pacejet support for NetSuite WMS Advanced was initially released as part of the Pacejet 6.0 bundle on Suiteapp; read on for a video demo and introduction.

Using Freight Account Overrides for Better Billing Control

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As your shipping operations grow, there is a good chance that mixed freight terms and billing requirements will become more complex. You might pass along some shipping costs to customers as charges that appear on their invoices or sometimes your company will pay for shipping as a customer service. Your larger customers may have learned to aggregate their total carrier spend for better discounts and may want you to ship against their carrier account numbers. Another increasingly popular scenario is where shipping charges for orders received through online web sites such as Amazon will need to be shipped against an overall "corporate" account number. Today's post and demo video takes a closer look at using the Freight Account Overrides feature with Pacejet to simplify third party billing of shipments with NetSuite.

NetSuite Shipping Features You Might Have Missed

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In the unlikely event that you've been busy working instead of reading every single Pacejet Blog posting (and printing them to write notes in the margins), it's possible you might have missed a few Pacejet feature updates.

Pacejet released the 14.3 platform update late last year and the 15.1 platform update in January of 2015, so there have been quite a few major and minor feature updates in the last few months. For today's post, we thought we'd single out a few shipping features for NetSuite users that might have been missed, hopefully as a surprise gift for a few users wondering "I wish we could..."

Read on for more information on NetSuite shipping features you might have missed.

Are You Maximizing Your Shipping Workflow?

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Are you making the most of your shipping workflow? For many shippers, they need to ensure that their workflows are efficient and accurate, as they must fulfill orders and send out shipments in a timely manner.

What's the most efficient shipping workflow for your business? The answer depends on the types of shipments you send out the door each day, your shipping volume, average containers in a shipment, and many other factors. It's also key to know whether your goals are to reduce shipping rates, improve warehouse efficiency, improve customer service, or balance all three key outcomes.

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