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Fully Connected Shipping

Sometimes the Cloud Helps You Print More Not Less

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Cloud systems can be great at eliminating paper through process automation but cloud-based shipping software needs to achieve the opposite, helping users quickly print large quantities of labels and paperwork. Unfortunately printing from cloud software applications involves a few technical problems (like firewalls) that drive most cloud applications to use a manual PDF download and print process. That might work fine if you fulfill 20-30 shipments per day but as your shipping volume grows, you'll want fully automated printing. Read on to learn more about automated "cloud printing" in Pacejet, including news on enhanced printing features in the upcoming Pacejet 15.3 Pacejet release.


Taking a Fresh Look at USPS Shipping

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With e-commerce growth continuing to hum along at 15% per year and major parcel price increases taking affect this year (a la dim weight), many shippers are taking a fresh look at shipping via USPS.

5 New Pacejet Features You Might Have Missed

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Temperatures have finally warmed up, the kids are out of school, it's light out past 9 p.m. (at least here in Ohio), and grilling season is upon us --- the signs are all here that summer is in full swing. While it's true that summertime is for vacations, picnics, and Sunday afternoon naps (again, at least here in Ohio), it's also a great time to take that "seventh inning stretch" and think about some systems retooling you'd like to get done before the fall.

To Batch or Not To Batch

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We get questions about batch shipping processes more often these days as more shippers are looking for creative ways to do more with less. The basic idea of batch shipping seems simple enough: automate the major pack and ship steps across "sets of shipments" to get orders out the door faster with less user intervention. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll find that different businesses have very different ideas about what constitutes a batch, where ERP integration fits into a batch process, and how the shipping automation should work.

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