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Fully Connected Shipping

Acumatica Summit 2022 Event Recap and Highlights

Pacejet - Acumatica

An exciting time to be part of the Acumatica ecosystem!

Last week the Pacejet team attended Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful opportunity to finally reconnect in-person with valued customers and partners, present alongside other leading ISVs, and learn about things to come.

Why Pacejet is the Only Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Fulfilled by Acumatica

Pacejet - Acumatica

Everyone wants an ERP that does it all. A simple, streamlined technology that seamlessly executes every business function. However, the more features an ERP provider provides, the greater the risk for features to be ineffective. That’s why ERPs partner with other technologies to deliver a complete and successful solution.

In the case of Pacejet and Acumatica, it’s a match made in heaven. See why Pacejet is the only multi-carrier shipping solution fulfilled by Acumatica.

5 Key Features for Growing Acumatica Shippers

Pacejet - Tips and Tricks, Pacejet - Acumatica

It’s an exciting time when your business is growing with new sales, new customers, and expanding product lines all paving the way to a brighter future. For your shipping team, growth brings new challenges that can stress the people, processes, and technology that bridge the gap between sales and revenue. More or larger sales orders might mean new freight shipping challenges, increased delivery errors, higher costs, or even more shipping capacity problems. Complex new workflows and paperwork for export compliance and customer demands for personalized shipping service can slow deliveries, irritate customers, and frustrate employees.

Whether you are a long-time Pacejet shipper hitting a new growth spurt or a new customer readying for a fast scale-up, here are 5 key features to consider as you position your business for growth.

3 Reasons to Add a 3PL to Your Parcel and LTL Shipping Software

Pacejet - Acumatica

According to reports from multiple analysts and transportation industry groups, freight capacity challenges are expected to continue. Driven by continuing economic growth, a persistent driver shortage, and despite surging inflation, most industry observers expect more capacity limits, fuel surcharge increases above 20%, and the likelihood of rate increases. Now may be a good time to consider partnering with a 3PL service for many shippers facing these unusual market conditions. With Pacejet Shipping Software, you can activate a 3PL directly within the platform for streamlined rating and shipping execution.

“We use Pacejet every day to streamline our shipment process. It is a great platform for our team to be able to tie into rates from our 3PL provider while also returning tracking information back into our ERP software.”

Brian Watley, Director of Operations
Masterbuilt® | Kamado Joe®

Read on to learn about three key reasons to add a 3PL to your shipping operations, along with a few ideas on how Pacejet can help.

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