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The Current State of Shipping: Pacejet's Annual Survey

Shipping is quickly becoming a complex element for many business owners. Shippers find its complexity challenging as it continues to grow and evolve over the years. If it’s been complex and difficult for you, you are not alone. We understand that the state of shipping has transformed over the years and it’s been a costly effort for shippers like you to keep up. 

You may be asking yourself questions like ‘Well, how do I simplify shipping processes while streamlining the process?’, or ‘How do I remove all the extra, unnecessary steps I need to take?’

As customer expectations continue to advance, shippers now find themselves trying to meet and match those expectations. In Pacejet’s annual shippers survey, we found that mid-market shippers are spending more time than necessary on their shipping processes, jumping through many hoops in order to fulfill a shipment order.


The pressure of rushing orders and ensuring that the right shipments get to the right places quickly and easily is helping shippers discover that their legacy software is causing their processes to be inefficient and tedious.

Since many workflows are steadily losing efficiency, they are becoming less streamlined and more dysfunctional. Many shippers are dissatisfied with the performance of their shipping software and are in need of a more well-integrated shipping workflow.

Your shipping software should work for you and not against you; it should not be a laborious task for you to map out each individual shipment. Pacejet knows this and is built to help uncomplicate and turn shipping into a cost-effective and streamlined process.

How can Pacejet help you turn the complexity of shipping into a profit?

If you’re looking to streamline your shipping processes, integrate different carrier strategies, or improve your shipping and workflow automation, Pacejet is here to help.

Pacejet is built to help save you money and time on your shipping line. With Pacejet, you can get lower shipping rates, faster shipping with improved and increased process automation, and more.


Download our infographic about “The Current State of Shipping” to hear what businesses, just like yours are struggling with and how Pacejet can help you reimagine shipping.


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