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Fully Connected Shipping

Eliminate room for errors in your shipping process with Scan Pack

Your shipping process internally may feel a bit labor-intensive but chances are, another company is running with a similar process. Things like keyboard entry, multiple systems, and multiple people involved can leave your shipping line vulnerable to errors. You can eliminate room for errors with Pacejet Scan Pack in place. Read on to learn more about how our automated shipping software can help you streamline your shipping operations and improve your shipping accuracy to ultimately save money and boost your bottom line.

Pacejet Scan Pack enables businesses to leverage popular Bluetooth and USB scanners to help optimize their shipping line for better accuracy. With less room for keystroke errors, ensure you are delivering the correct number of items, in the correct box size, to the correct location, every time with Pacejet Scan Pack. We've got shipping down to a science. Here are the steps to shipping with Pacejet Scan Pack.

Pacejet-ScanPack-InfographicClick the image to download or see full version. 

In just seven easy steps, solve your shipping line errors:

1 - Open Scan Pack

2 - Scan Box

3 - Scan Item

4 - Pack it

5 - Rate it

6 - Label it

7 - Ship it!

By adding these steps and removing your disjointed shipping process, Pacejet's automated shipping software can help your business with more than just eliminating errors. Some additional business benefits include:

Paperwork consolidation and creation = All the paperwork that is needed for your shipment is created and gathered during your shipping process with the scans and clicks you are already making to process the shipment.

Customer Service improvement = People know what box to track if something doesn’t make it to its destination. With all the paperwork being created with each click or scan, your box coding is captured in the event a package or pallet doesn’t make it to its' end point.

Shipment Summary Report enhanced = Your shipment summary report will now include the username for who packed and shipped your shipments. This is something that a few of our customers like to take advantage of and incentivize associates for their hard work.

Ship the correct items, in the correct quantity, in the correct box, with less scans, to the correct location every time with Pacejet Scan Pack. 

Interested in Pacejet Scan Pack?

With so many business benefits to Scan Pack, maybe it’s right for your business. If you are an existing customer that interested in our automated shipping software, contact your Customer Success Manager, Mike Panichi, for more information or a demo. If you are new to Pacejet and want to learn more about our solution, API, and/or Scan Pack, please contact our sales team by emailing sales@pacejet.com or calling (877) 722-3538, option 2.

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