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Pacejet 18.1 delivers better tracking and easier compliance labeling

We are pleased to announce the latest Pacejet platform update (18.1) with new carrier performance features, advanced compliance labeling support, and a collection of usability enhancements and corrections. The version 18.1 update will be deployed on April 10th to all users and will not significantly change the primary user experience, but will make new features available.

If better shipment tracking is on your wishlist, the Pacejet 18.1 carrier performance feature provides active tracking of shipments as they move through carrier delivery networks, including on-time and late delivery detail.

For shippers wrestling with retail (e.g. GS1/UCC128, Amazon) or other complex labeling requirements, the new Pacejet features for compliance labeling provide powerful new options to print complex label formats automatically. And with new usability enhancements and software corrections included, the 18.1 update offers something for nearly every Pacejet user.

Please read on to learn more about the Pacejet 18.1 release and to access the full release notes published in the Pacejet help system.

Carrier performance management

Active tracking of shipments from carrier hand-off through on-time delivery is the focus of new carrier performance features available in Pacejet 18.1. The new "Shipments" page provides a configurable view of shipments from hand-off to carriers through delivery. Instead of tracking shipments one-by-one, Pacejet users can now see the delivery status for entire groups of shipments by carrier, customer, date range, or other criteria.


Users can change the filter between summary, daily, or detail, and can drill down to see scheduled ship dates, actual delivered date, and the latest status of groups of shipments meeting custom search criteria.


New "saved queries" allow users to define their own common monitoring searches and quickly reference them in the future. For example, the query rule shown here displays all UPS shipments within a date range which are still in transit but are already known to be late.


And, because Pacejet actively captures carrier status updates as they happen, users can drill down on any shipment to see delivery status and final delivery details.


Advanced compliance labeling

Another powerful enhancement delivered in Pacejet 18.1 is advanced compliance labeling, providing functionality to manage automated printing of more flexible label formats. The new module leverages existing Pacejet Print Connector technology with Pacejet Packing functionality to support GS1/UCC128 retail labeling, Amazon labels, and many other industry and customer-specific labeling requirements.

Pacejet users interested in advanced compliance labeling can add the new module to their subscription, create/edit forms, and configure data maps as they build up their own library of label forms. An enhanced Pacejet Print Connector setup and configurable print rules can be used to automate printing of compliance labels as part of a fully optimized outbound pack and ship workflow.





Reach out to learn more

Pacejet customers can contact their customer success managers to learn more about the new Pacejet 18.1 platform release. If you are new to Pacejet, email info@pacejet.com and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your specific needs. You can also reach out and one of our team members will provide the release notes for 18.1 or search Pacejet help.

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