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Pacejet Strengthens Order Fulfillment and Distribution at Tiger Tail USA

Pacejet - News

Global pioneer in muscle recovery reduces order processing time by 75% 

COLUMBUS, OH ―November 07, 2022―Pacejet, a 3G company and leading provider of multi-carrier shipping and parcel solutions, today announced the successful implementation of Pacejet at Tiger Tail USA, a pioneer in muscle recovery. Tiger Tail USA is the manufacturer of award-winning muscle care tools and education programs, including patented foam rollers and massage balls, that are distributed worldwide to physical therapists, consumers, sports teams and corporate wellness muscle care programs. Tiger Tail USA launched Pacejet to bolster growth, ensure reliable product fulfillment, and seamlessly support manufacturing and distribution shifts without disruption. The resulting solution has given the company a platform for continued growth.

With bigger retail shipping opportunities come more compliance complexities. Are you ready?


As your business grows, you start working with larger trading partners, and more of them. Pretty soon, the processes that worked to ship products direct-to-consumer, or small retail outlets simply cannot handle the volume or complexity. Welcome to the world of retail compliance.

How to assess your carrier strategy as a shipper


How does your business choose which carriers to ship with? The difference between carriers comes down to more than rates—also important is their level of service and reliability to deliver your products. There are various factors that influence whether you should utilize a particular carrier, and these factors make diversification important.

The Different Types of Compliance Shippers Need to Know


In the world of shipping, the term “compliance” surfaces repeatedly. It can be both daunting confusing, given its numerous meanings and serious implications. When moving goods, what does it mean to be in (or out of) “compliance” and who are you complying with?

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