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Fully Connected Shipping

Introducing Pacejet Transportation Planning

Meet our new solution built to control inbound planning for your shipping operations. Pacejet Transportation Planning is an order fulfillment solution catered to NetSuite users that leverages our TMS capabilities to connect our advanced transportation optimization engine to evaluate consolidation opportunities and select the most efficient and cost-effective combination of transportation modes and carriers.


Consolidate Orders into Fewer Shipments

Pacejet Transportation Planning helps you consolidate orders into fewer shipments, reducing costs by 10-30%*, and lowering carrier rates by 10-20%.* The solution uses the advanced planning engine from 3Gtms to help you design the most practical consolidation combinations while planning your shipment.

Optimize Your Shipping Process

Add a new layer of logic and automation to your shipping process to simplify packing and help save you money:

    • Combine sales orders into fewer shipments by automatically grouping orders with similar ship-to locations, delivery windows, weights, and more
    • Reduce costs by receiving the optimal transportation mode and carrier for each shipment
    • Build warehouse and transportation efficiencies by minimizing the number of shipments that need to be packed
    • Select from Pacejet's extensive carrier network to receive the best rates and modes from a combination of parcel, less-than-truckload, and 3PL service providers
    • Experience a direct integration between Pacejet and 3Gtms' "black-box planning" to receive advanced shipment optimization and consolidation with minimal user involvement
    • Save time upfront by automatically receiving the most effective shipment mode without manually identifying carriers or sales order combinations

Simplify your transportation processes by consolidating multiple sales orders into fewer, more efficient, cost-effective shipments.

Evolve Your Inbound Strategy With Pacejet Transportation

Leverage Pacejet Transportation Planning to enable your inbound planning for a seamless shipping process. Combine the power of Pacejet with your NetSuite ERP to reduce costs, save time, and improve customer service. We are here to help your business flex and evolve to meet your growing needs. Talk to our shipping experts about your inbound plan.

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Do you think Pacejet Transportation Planning for NetSuite could simplify your shipping process?

Download our datasheet or contact us for more information. Visit www.pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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*Dependent on carrier contracts, selected LTL carriers, weights, distances, previous costs, and processes.

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