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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet Shipping Software Achieves FedEx Platinum Award

We are pleased to announce that Pacejet has achieved FedEx Platinum for 2020. The Platinum award is limited to a small number of top tier providers of the several hundred in the FedEx program. Criteria includes the overall volume of FedEx shipping, growth, technology, strategic fit with FedEx directions, and maintaining certification on the latest FedEx APIs. Our commitment to excellence extends to our service levels with top carriers. Read on to learn more. 

To own and operate a fully connected enterprise, it requires that your business systems run seamlessly and efficiently. FedEx Compatible software solutions have FedEx integrated into their solution so that it feels native and a part of existing supply chain practices. Bringing together our Fully Connected Shipping solution and FedEx platinum capabilities, we are able to further align businesses to full connectivity. 

2020 Platinum - Badge - Purple and Orange-01

FedEx Compatible - Platinum 

This award is due in part to our increasing number of Pacejet customers and the continuously growing volume of FedEx shipments. The Platinum award is recognition given as part of the FedEx Compatible program, which helps companies identify the problem-solving solutions that streamline businesses and our team spends time annually going through the rigorous certification testing requirements to help bring the best shipping solutions from FedEx to your Pacejet portal. 

"Achieving the Platinum Level as a FedEx Partner is a measure of our growth in the marketplace and tight relationship with FedEx.  We look forward to an even stronger relationship in serving our customers in 2020." - Bill Knapp, CEO of Pacejet


Whatever your business goals are, Pacejet and FedEx can help you achieve them with the tools and support you need to streamline your shipping.



Get Fully Connected Shipping with Pacejet. 

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