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Now You Can Chat with Pacejet Support Reps

Ever wish you could chat with Pacejet Support for answers to a quick question?

Now you can!

The Pacejet support team is excited to announce a new interactive chat feature built right into the Help Center. Simply click Help in Pacejet, scroll to the bottom of any page, and look for the pop-up chat menu in the lower right-hand corner.

To get started, simply type in your question and activate chat. Chat support is available during standard, published support hours (8a-8p EDT). And as an added benefit, the chat system includes an option for an automated follow-up transcript of your conversation.

Thank you for being a Pacejet customer. Give Chat support a try today. And reach out at any time to give us feedback or suggest new ways we can help you!

Help Chat 2

Have questions about Pacejet features or functionality outside of the Help Center? Contact Pacejet's Support Team.





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