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Fully Connected Shipping

New NetSuite Shipping Features from Pacejet

Pacejet is pleased to announce new NetSuite shipping features as part of our latest Built for NetSuite 2016.2 Certification and upgraded Pacejet 6.2.3 bundle release. New feature highlights include improvements and new flexibility for ship updates, expansion of WMS Advanced shipping support, better data handling and mapping improvements, and new batch processing support. 

Faster and More Efficient Multi-Carrier Shipping for NetSuite 

Built_For_NetSuite.jpgThe latest Pacejet for NetSuite bundle upgrade includes technology upgrades, new features, and software corrections/improvements. Ship updates have been improved to provide better support for NetSuite workflows, provide enhanced data fields for reporting and shipping control, and optimization to speed-up shipment processing. 

  • Upgraded Ship Updates = Shipping updates to item fulfillment records have been redesigned to complete as a more unified transaction, making them more consistent and allowing workflows triggered by shipping status changes to perform better.
  • New Cost and Price Fields = New cost and price currency fields replace earlier text versions for easier report formulas or other custom logic.
  • Automatic Batch Identifier = New option to automatically group item fulfilments for use of Pacejet batch shipping module.
  • Item Data Optimization = Optimization for faster processing and lower NetSuite resource usage with item data look-up for shipments.
  • All Item Fulfillment Stage = Added an option to stage all item fulfillment records for pack and ship processing in addition to the option controlled by the auto stage flag.
  • Updates via Schedule Task = Initial test release of a new feature scheduled for availability with the Pacejet 17.1 platform release for scheduled based ship updates into NetSuite via the Pacejet API. The new mechanism provides easier update customization, supports automatic retry of ship updates which may be locked during previous attempts, and deferred processing to allow changes or additional workflows.
  • New Address Line 3 = Enhanced support for the NetSuite extended support for address line 3 in shipping addresses.
  • Other Bug Fixes and Improvements = Bug fixes for calculating quantities in kits and assemblies, correction involving package record creation for some shipping scenarios, and additional corrections and improvements.

NetSuite WMS Advanced users will be pleased to see improvements to integration with ship manifest records used by that module, including support for custom data mapping and performance improvements.

  • Additional Data for NetSuite WMS Advanced Shipping = Enhanced support for customized mapping of data fields from NetSuite ship manifest records for greater flexibility in paperwork, carrier integrations, and workflows.
  • Optimized NetSuite WMS Advanced Shipping = Optimized ship manifest data processing for larger volumes with NetSuite WMS Advanced.

Pacejet recommends testing new bundle upgrades in a sandbox environment and coordinating production updates with some help from our support team. Let us know if we can provide more information and help with your upgrade planning.

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