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Fully Connected Shipping

Pacejet's Upgraded NetSuite Shipping Integration Boosts Speed and Flexibility

Pacejet is excited to announce a major upgrade to our award-winning NetSuite shipping integration which is now available for beta testing and upgrade planning. Our new upgrade features a full upgrade to SuiteScript 2.0 and support for Map Reduce with SuiteCloud Plus licenses, delivering an integration that supports the fastest NetSuite shipping experience for more NetSuite users than any other solution on the market.

Whether you've been running Pacejet for 6 months or 6 years, you'll appreciate the faster throughput, new configuration flexibility built entirely in NetSuite, better logging and transaction management through the Pacejet RESTful API, and wide-open customization support via NetSuite Plug-ins.

Read on to learn more and get started on your NetSuite shipping upgrade.

For more than a decade, Pacejet has been offering integrated NetSuite shipping solutions that help NetSuite users manage freight and parcel transportation, improve packing efficiency and accuracy, and integrate with more shipping carriers. NetSuite users have driven Pacejet to go beyond simple shipping execution for sales orders to add support for transfer shipping, offer quoting and rate shopping features, introduce scan-packing with expanded support for retail shipping, automate export paperwork, and much more.


The new features of Pacejet's upgraded NetSuite shipping integration:

  1. Upgraded SuiteScript 2.0 Support = Integration processing is faster, more efficient, and well aligned with the latest NetSuite development tool-set.
  2. Map Reduce Optimization = As the orders increase with the growth of your business, Pacejet will scale right alongside you. Leveraging NetSuite Map Reduce technology, the new Pacejet integration bundle can process integration transactions up to 200% faster with standard Pacejet and NetSuite governance and 500% faster or more with enhanced Pacejet governance and NetSuite SuiteCloud licenses.
  3. Pacejet RESTful API Support = Our integration with NetSuite 7.1 will enable Pacejet customers to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with their ERP. New support for the latest Pacejet RESTful API provides faster throughput and higher levels of automation. For example, shipment updates to NetSuite are now triggered by webhooks immediately after processing and leverage NetSuite Map Reduce and queues for scalable update processing.
  4. Stage Quotes and Shipments on Save = With the upgraded NetSuite integration, you are able to get from order to shipment faster than ever. After item fulfillments are created and saved in NetSuite, new API-based processing will automatically stage shipments more quickly in Pacejet on your shipping workbench.
  5. Improved Configuration Management = Our NetSuite 7.1 integration makes configuring Pacejet easier. The new bundle settings features provide an easier access and a simpler configuration of many Pacejet integration settings from within NetSuite. For example, NetSuite administrators can now setup new shipping items and link them by using Pacejet’s carrier xref settings, all while managing them entirely in NetSuite.

NS01-Improved Configuration Management

  1. Update Re-try and Better Logging = New scheduled task functionality will automatically look for and re-try shipment updates which may have been blocked by ERP locks, governance, or other issues. Better logging in NetSuite makes these updates more visible to the administrator, and the Pacejet API log allows swift and efficient troubleshooting of any processing, performance, or data issues.

NS02-Update Re-try and Better Logging

  1. Customization Support via NetSuite Plug-ins = Pacejet’s support for NetSuite Plug-Ins will allow implementers to customize integration behavior to help meet unique business requirements. For example, a customization can include conditionally displaying Pacejet Ship or Quote buttons, customizing shipping data set to Pacejet and carriers, and adjusting how and which data is updated in NetSuite from carrier shipping transactions.


Pacejet's improved NetSuite integration has been packaged as a simple upgrade to the standard Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite bundle (version 7.1); both SuiteScript 1.0 and SuiteScript 2.0 versions are supported in the same bundle.  The one-bundle approach allows users to upgrade existing configurations and work through a migration process, giving them the ability try out new processes and configurations before deploying to production.

Want to get involved?

Signup at https://ship.pacejet.com/beta-NetSuite to get involved with the beta program. Our team can help you review the features of the upgraded NetSuite shipping integration, test your preferred shipping use-cases, and plan out your upgrade process. Click the button below for more information.

Become a beta tester



For more information on Pacejet shipping software, visit www.pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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