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Fully Connected Shipping

Easier and More Accurate Shipping to Retailers with Multi-Level Scan-Pack

Shipping to retailers can require businesses to meet a complex set of demands including GS1/UCC128 labeling of pallets, cartons, and master packs along with more rigorous data capture for Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) EDI transmission. Failing to comply with customer requirements can include costly charge-backs, cancellation of orders, or even the loss of a customer altogether. Pacejet is excited to announce our Multi-Level Scan-Pack solution, a more advanced form of our popular Scan-Pack module built to support easier and more accurate shipping to retailers.

Read on to learn more and see the video demo.

Pacejet's Multi-Level Scan-Pack module provides a fast, easy, and efficient way for shippers
to quickly capture data, print labels/paperwork, and issue SSCC identification as shipments
are physically packaged. Packers use Bluetooth scanners or tethered scanners to warehouse
workstations, scanning loose items and boxed items of various types as pallets are filled
with products and staged for shipping. When the packing process is completed, users can
easily rate-shop and transact shipments with carriers and stage shipments for pickup.

Key features and benefits of Pacejet Multi-Level Scan-Pack solution include:

  1. Reduce errors by validating the items in each order = Scan to validate the item and quantity is correct for each order you fulfill.
  2. Automatically capture mixed types of item packaging = Scan single items, self-packed items, and master packs to validate the correct items, quantities, and packaging.
  3. Speed the entire process with print-as-you-pack labeling = Support for Pacejet document services or Bartender label and paperwork printing of labels as you pack handling units.
  4. More easily print retailer-compliant shipping labels = Capture Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) values and print GS1/UCC128 labels automatically for boxes and pallets.
  5. Automate printing of complex paperwork and ASN EDI = Record quantities of items in boxes and on pallets to support more complex labels and packing lists.
  6. Simplify compliance with many trading partners = Automatically print different label formats for each of your trading partners with Pacejet documents or Bartender.
  7. Automatically capture serial numbers while packing = Serial tracked items automatically prompt users to scan in required serial numbers.


Take a closer look at Multi-Level Scan-Pack in this 3.5 minute video demo:

HubSpot Video

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Interested in learning more about Pacejet or the Multi-Level Scan-Pack solution for shipping to retailers? Contact us today at 877-722-3538 or via pacejet.com.

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