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Fully Connected Shipping

Integrated Support for Unishippers Now Available

Shippers looking for new LTL and Freight options will be pleased to learn that Pacejet support for Unishippers, a new 3PL (Third Party Logistics) shipping service, is now available. If you've not heard of Unishippers before, they offer a full range of freight services for heavyweight shipments through partnerships with over 30 National and Regional freight carriers across the country (visit www.unishippers.com for more information). Read on for more details.


Many Carriers Through One Connection

Like other 3PL (Third Party Logistics) connections in Pacejet, the new Unishippers support lets you access many freight carriers as an integrated part of your ERP quoting and shipping processes. You'll need an account with Unishippers and the carriers you have access to are dependent upon your account settings but the quoting and shipping functionality returns results dynamically based on any carrier coverage or other rules in your account. The standard Pacejet use-cases like freight quoting for sales orders, rate-shopping and shipping for fulfillments, or even quotes on ecommerce sites (via API access) are all supported just like any other carrier activated in your Pacejet setup.



Pack, Quote, Book, Print, and Update the ERP

While upfront freight quoting is extremely helpful to get accurate pricing for customers, users will also be pleased to know that the integration includes support for booking shipments with Unishippers and printing your bill of lading. The Pacejet standard Straight Bill of Lading form is used with adjustments to redirect 3rd Party Billing details for use with Unishippers. Services like Lift Gate (for example) can be indicated during quoting and shipping processes and appear on the BOL. And, of course, shipments processed through the integration are recorded in your ERP system just like any other parcel, LTL, or 3PL shipment.


Need a Carrier?

Our mission at Pacejet is to provide shippers with access to more integrated shipping services, visibility to reduce costs and improve service through freight quoting and rate-shipping, and automation to ship faster and more accurately. We're working hard to add new shipping services to the Pacejet network, to improve your experience, and to help you save money. Have a carrier or 3PL you would like to see us add next?


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