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Fully Connected Shipping

Integrated Shipping with NetSuite WMS Lite

If you've been considering adding NetSuite WMS Lite to your NetSuite ERP configuration, you'll be pleased to learn that Pacejet shipping software supports this new warehouse add-on. Using NetSuite WMS Lite with Pacejet allows you to introduce mobile RF scanning for warehouse operations like receiving, putaway, cycle counts, or picking in combination with Pacejet for packing and multi-carrier shipping.

This video demonstrates how NetSuite WMS Lite works with Pacejet to help you further streamline and improve fulfillment.

Warehouse Mobility with Integrated Shipping

WarehouseForklift.jpgWhen NetSuite WMS Lite is used with Pacejet shipping your fulfillment process can use mobile RF scanners for picking and then pack and ship via standard shipment processing in Pacejet. Feature highlights of this configuration include:

  • Directed warehouse picking via mobile wireless/RF scanners
  • Packing with choice of methods such as scan-pack, auto-pack, drag-n-drop packing
  • Electronic scale integration or automatic container weights from item contents
  • Integrated multi-carrier shipping with parcel, LTL, 3PL carriers and shipping services
  • Automatic label and advanced paperwork printing (e.g. Bill of Lading, packing lists, export, etc.)
  • Automatic recording of tracking numbers, tracking links, container identifiers, etc.
  • Automatic billing automation for fulfillments with freight terms, price and cost capture
  • Asynchronous processing with advanced options such as consolidation, batch, etc.

Video Demo of NetSuite WMS Lite

Take a closer look with this short, 2 minute demonstration of WMS Lite scanning for warehouse picking used with Pacejet pack and ship processing. Benefits include reduced processing time, fewer errors from manual data entry, elimination of multiple shipping software applications and websites for multi-carrier shipping.

View WMS Lite Demo


Learn More

Interested in learning more about using NetSuite WMS Lite with Pacejet shipping software? Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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