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How Amazon is shaping customer expectations on a global scale

Retail giant Amazon is consistently raising the bar for purchasing products online. As they continue to raise expectations, customers have come to expect the same level of service from every online store. This increase in customer expectations is now known as the “Amazon effect.”

Thanks to Amazon, customers take ordering online for granted. They’ve set a new standard where convenience and consistency is assumed, no matter where customers buy from. Now, online stores will always be compared to the streamlined processes they know and value from Amazon.

Customers demand a fast, personalized and friction-less buying experience, but this of course raises some serious challenges for ecommerce stores wanting to compete.

Let’s explore a few of these expectations and how your business can fight back.

amazon prime boxes

Detailed product info

When browsing a product on Amazon, customers have access to a wealth of knowledge, from what it looks like, the material it’s made from, its size and condition...the list goes on. You can even read countless reviews from customers who’ve bought the item, as well as questions they’ve previously asked.

Customers expect businesses to cover every detail of a product. If they can’t imagine exactly what the product will look like when it arrives, they’ll leave and shop around for more information.

According to a Forrester report, 45% of online customers are likely to abandon a purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.

Every retailer should ensure each product has a handful of photos, detailed product information and a list of genuine customer reviews to build trust and help customers make informed decisions.

Loyalty incentives

Amazon has become the master of the loyalty program. With Amazon Prime, customers pay $99 a year (or they can pay monthly at $12.99), and in return those customers gain numerous benefits such as free next day delivery, use of the Kindle lending library, as well as unlimited video and music streaming.

Each customer knows exactly what they’ll get from being a Prime member, but they also feel incredibly committed to getting the most value from that purchase. With around 80 million Prime members, this means Amazon becomes the leading place that Prime members shop.

With Amazon exceeding expectations with free perks, businesses should consider how they can introduce a membership program to retain customer interest and maximize share of wallet. This program can include occasional discount offers, reduced or free shipping, free products with purchase, and more depending on your brand.

Fast, low-cost delivery service

A major factor for customers when buying online is the speed and cost of shipping. As Amazon offers one of the fastest delivery services we’ve ever known, 60% of customers say they feel same day delivery should be offered by all online retailers. Free same day delivery is currently available to Amazon Prime members on products and geographical areas that qualify.

But even without Prime membership, Amazon is renowned for its inexpensive range of delivery options, such as eligible items worth over $25 qualify for free delivery. Offering this kind of speed and economical shipping is only made possible through its selection of carriers and streamlined processes.

To stay competitive and meet these high expectations, businesses must follow Amazon’s lead with inexpensive, fast delivery.

Offering low cost, same day delivery is achievable if you utilize regional carriers or couriers and compare for the lowest rates. You, of course, need to bear in mind where your stores, warehouses or drop shippers are located to know if a regional carrier or courier can fulfill the order. We integrate with many carriers that specialize in certain regions or territories.

And they’re often less expensive and more flexible when compared to global carriers. This could cut your costs by 20% to 40% and reduce transit times considerably. Pacejet customers not only experience savings from rate shopping carriers, they also experience a 40% to 50% savings on labor due to increased efficiency.

Comparing rates is crucial to keep shipping costs down and get a good return on your investment. Explore our extensive carrier list to see how much you could save.  

As shipping is a major business expense, online retailers need to discover new ways to facilitate business growth, and satisfy the developing expectations of their customers.


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