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Headed to SuiteWorld? Four Reasons Why You Should


SuiteWorld is coming up and many NetSuite users have begun weighing the costs and benefits of attending. You can quickly add up the costs, but finding value is a little more elusive. I have been to SuiteWorld as a NetSuite Customer, a consultant, and as an independent software vendor and the answer will always be “Yes, you should go.”

Why? It’s simple. The people.

People, People, People, and…you guessed it, People. The event is a chance to meet, connect, collaborate, and learn from members of the NetSuite community from all around the world, with diverse backgrounds and focuses.

What do I mean? Who can you expect to meet?

1. NetSuite People

  • The weeklong event is packed with NetSuite employees from people you might have traded emails with on support cases, product managers presenting in breakout sessions, and executives providing forward looking ideas in keynote sessions. There is no other time of the year that you will see a higher concentration of NetSuite employees that can impact your business. Each NetSuite employee is at the event for one reason – You, well you, and a few thousand other customers, but they are there to have many conversations. Take some time to introduce yourself and see where the conversation goes.

2. Software and Consulting People

  • There is another group of people offering software solutions that complement the functionality NetSuite offers. If you are considering expanding current NetSuite functionality, SuiteWorld is a great place to explore your options all in one spot. You can easily talk with various vendors to gain new insights and start to narrow down your options. Additionally, there are consultants that can help you get the most out of NetSuite by helping change business processes or add new NetSuite modules. The Expo floor is the best place to meet this group and start the conversation.

3. People like YOU

  • Some might say the reason we are all there is to connect with people like you who are looking for ways to help grow their business. Whether you are attending a keynote or a breakout session, the chances are good the person sitting right next to you is in a similar position…. just ask them. I’ve had many great conversations while sitting down for lunch or breakfast or waiting in line for coffee. There are whole teams from companies, but there are just as many sole representatives from different companies and striking up a conversation with another NetSuite user can provide you with great insight even if they are not in your industry.

4. Vegas People, Vegas People

  • I might have saved the best for last or just simply the last group of people you will run into – Las Vegas People. Las Vegas brings people from all over the world and people watching on your way to an event is no shortage of entertainment. In addition to tourists, there are colorful characters walking around promoting one of many shows you can attend. If Elvis is your guy, you will have plenty of photo opportunities!

I hope you strongly consider coming and if you do, stop by the Pacejet booth to say “Hi.”