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Fully Connected Shipping

Why Invest in Fully Connected Shipping: Connectivity for Building Workflow Automation

Business workflows are the backbone of the company. When automated, they help simplify tasks, speed up efficiency, improve productivity, and more. But what happens when your automated workflows stop running smoothly? What happens if they aren’t fully connected and communicating with one another? 

Automating all business and shipping processes cannot be achieved without connectivity; connectivity is essential in speeding up the completion of tasks. In the modern enterprise, workflow automation isn’t a foreign concept; it’s a new way to accomplishing tasks efficiently. Therefore, establishing workflow automation across the entire supply chain ecosystem is vital to having fully connected shipping as it allows shippers to align their shipments within the spectrum of customer demands for fast deliveries. 

Fully connecting your system to all the processes in your supply chain can be a significant asset to your company. When everything is seamlessly connected, you will be able to see improvements in your visibility, transparency, efficiency, and productivity.

3_fully_connected_graphic_elements_automationIn order to have effective workflow automation, a shipper would need a shipping system that goes beyond the standard integration with carriers and business systems. They would need to accommodate all the custom workflows that occur throughout the logistics life cycle—all the way from the shipping dock to the customer. 

For example, if you use an e-commerce platform, a fully connected shipping system would allow you to give your customers delivery options during online checkout. By allotting the customer the opportunity to choose the shipping rate and timing that best meets their needs, they receive more control over their purchase. This, in turn, will steadily improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Aligning your business processes with your workflows and connected systems will help elevate shipping efficiencies, reduce error, time, and costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 

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