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Fully Connected Shipping

Why Invest in Fully Connected Shipping: Connectivity Between Shippers and Their Data


As the modern enterprise continues to grow and evolve, the supply chain landscape rapidly shifts along with it. As such, businesses have become increasingly driven by digital data. The quality, accessibility, and timeliness of data can play a significant role in establishing accurate real-time connectivity between shippers and their data. 

In order to maintain connectivity, shippers need to be able to track all the processes within their supply chain, from managing inventory and scheduling production to selecting carriers and tracking shipments. Having precise data will help businesses efficiently facilitate the day-to-day decision-making process, as they will know what their cost of labor is, how their employees are performing, how much money is spent per carrier, and much more. 

When shippers utilize a fully connected shipping solution, they remove the unnecessary guesswork from rate shopping, shipment tracking, paperwork, and more. It allows them to provide their customers with fast and reliable shipments. Additionally, since the data is accurate and in real-time, shipment tracking and reporting are consistently reliable and precise. This gives shippers the power to have control over auditing. For example, errors can be located and managed swiftly, while wrongly charged fees can be easily recovered. Trends in vendor performances and pricing can also be identified, which will give shippers the knowledge of when to renegotiate pricing. 

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Fully connected shipping is an efficient, innovative, and accessible concept that smart shippers are turning to as a way to increase their supply chain processes efficiencies while reducing costs and maintaining competitiveness. The four essential elements to a fully connected shipping are: 1) real-time connectivity to carriers; 2) connectivity with business systems; 3) connectivity for building workflow automation; and lastly, 4) connectivity between shippers and their data. 



If you want to learn more about how fully connected shipping can holistically round out your business workflow download our infographic by clicking on the button below. 


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Get fully connected shipping with Pacejet. 

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