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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhance Your FedEx Shipping with New Services and Options

If you haven't reviewed your FedEx shipping process in awhile, you might want to consider upgrading your Pacejet configuration to support some of the latest new FedEx features and options. The latest Pacejet integration with FedEx supports their enhanced web services and is fully certified as part of the FedEx compatible partner program. There are a broad range of parcel and freight services available so we can't list everything here, but here are a few improvement highlights to consider...

New and Improved

  • Support for FedEx One Rate: The new FedEx One Rate service is a flat-rate option for <50 lb shipments that does not require you to measure
    dimensions or weight. It's a simple, predictable, flat rate option for express service packages.
  • Improved FedEx Freight Support: Improvements and updates to FedEx freight rating and shipping.
  • FedEx Express Freight Improvements: New support including shippers load and count, packing list enclosed, and booking confirmation number.
  • New Standard Package Types: New support for standard FedEx Extra Large Box, Large Box, Medium Box, and Small Box packaging options.


Expanded Offerings

  • Expanded Hazmat: New dangerous goods processing such as Infectious Substance Responsible Contact, Overpack, Hazmat regulation types, additional handling. Expanded dry ice support.
  • Expanded COD: Supprot for Financial Institution and Remit To Name
  • Expanded Custom Labeling: New support for custom labeling options
  • Expanded Returns: New support for return association.
  • Expanded Reference Field: Enhanced support for FedEx reference fields in shipping.

Other Improvements

  • Electronic Trade Documents (ETD): Support for electronic trade documentation using mapping of shipment data fields managed by Pacejet into transactions transmitted to FedEx.
  • Smart Post Multi-Package: Improvements for handling of Smart Post shipments with multiple packages.
  • New Accessorials: Support for new accessorials including Delivery on Invoice Acceptance, Do Not Break Down Pallets, Do Not Stack Pallets, East Cost Special, Food Shipment, Freight Guarantee, Freight to Collect, Pending Shipment, Pharmacy Delivery, Poison, Protect form Freezing, Returns Clearance, Top Load.

Pacejet users can contact their support representative to coordinate upgrade of their carrier connector with implementation of new shipping features.

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