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Fully Connected Shipping

New FedEx Features for Pacejet Shippers

If you haven't reviewed your FedEx shipping process in awhile, you may want to consider upgrading your Pacejet configuration to support the latest new FedEx features and options. Pacejet just released a new FedEx integration and certification, enabling users to access the latest parcel and freight innovations.

Load support for easier end of day manifesting, access to consolidation services, and Hold at location are a few of the new features. Read on to learn more about the latest FedEx upgrade in Pacejet.


  • Load Support provides automatic grouping of shipments with a new "close ship day" activity to print manifests or optional reports such as the OP950. This feature also supports SmartPost end of day and allows pick-up scheduling for a collection of shipments or returns.
  • Consolidation services provide grouping of shipments using the Pacejet Loads for automated support of FedEx International Ground® Distribution, FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®, FedEx International Distribution Freight, FedEx International DirectDistribution Surface Solutions U.S. to Canada, and FedEx® International DirectDistribution.
  • FedEx International Priority Express service is an additional option.
  • Hold at location allows shipments to be directed to new FedEx and partner retail locations for easier and more secure pickup by consumers and businesses.
  • New accessorial services such as alcohol shipping, third party consignee, updated dry ice support, updated freight guarantee, and controlled export services.
  • Expanded hazardous materials features with new property settings and updated support for Lithium batter shipments.

If you are a Pacejet user, contact support to coordinate the upgrade of the carrier connector with implementation of new shipping features. Locate the "Integration Change Log - FedEx" in the carrier folder of Pacejet Help for more release notes. 

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Photo used in this post courtesy of Sean Davis on Flickr Creative Commons

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