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Fully Connected Shipping

Enhance UPS Shipping with New Services and Options

Have you reviewed your UPS shipping process lately? Consider upgrading your Pacejet configuration to support some of the latest new UPS features and options to offer the best service to your customers.

The latest Pacejet integration with UPS supports their enhanced web services and is fully certified as part of the UPS Ready partner program. There are a broad range of parcel and freight services available so we can't list everything here, but here are a few improvement highlights to consider.

Improved Features

  • UPS Mail Innovations: Use this popular parcel service for high-volume, light-weight packages to reduce complexity and delivery cost.
  • UPS Ground with Freight Pricing: Use the UPS Ground with Freight Pricing (GFP) option to get guaranteed delivery pricing for non-palletized multi-package shipments using a pricing structure that is common in the LTL industry.
  • Improved UPS Freight Support: UPS Freight support has new improvements, such as a setting to automatically invoke LTL rating when shipment rates exceed a specific threshold.
  • UPS SurePost®: UPS SurePost provides improved support for economical, residental, ground shipments. It's great for consistency and reliability with final delivery typically provided by USPS.

New Features

  • Expanded Special Services: Use additional special services or "accessorials" such as limited access delivery, lift gate delivery and pickup, dangerous goods, excess declared value, or USPS endorsements.
  • UPS Premium Care: Use enhanced UPS services for regulated and sensitive shipments, including more personal attention to shipments, chain of signature, and other compliance features.
  • Freight Density Rating: Improved option to use density-based freight rating functionality for LTL shipments.
  • Return Shipment Facilities: Return shipment processing will now use Facility record setup to reverse shipping addresses and process transacations against appropriate accounts in a multiple-account setup.
  • Rate Call Threading: Many freight and parcel rating scenarios require multiple UPS api calls to rating, a number of optimizations included in this release to optimize processing with multiple rating threads.

Pacejet users can contact their support representative to coordinate upgrade of their carrier connector with implementation of new shipping features. If you aren't sure who to contact, email help@pacejet.com and we'll get you connected to the right person.

If you are new to Pacejet and are interested in upgrading your UPS service, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business's efficiency and help you scale shipping along with your growing business.

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