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Fully Connected Shipping

Shipping for NetSuite WMS Advanced; Video Demo and Introduction.

Pacejet support for the new NetSuite WMS Advanced module provides complete multi-carrier shipping functionality for users looking for more advanced fulfillment options. Support for LTL / Freight shipping with an automatic bill of lading document, real-time integration with more parcel, LTL, and 3PL carriers than any other NetSuite solution, full support for freight quoting and real-time rate shopping, automatic merging of separately packed containers into a single shipment, and availability of enhanced export forms or other shipping paperwork are just a few of the features

New Pacejet support for NetSuite WMS Advanced was initially released as part of the Pacejet 6.0 bundle on Suiteapp; read on for a video demo and introduction.


Key Features Shipping Features for NetSuite WMS Advanced

Pacejet support for NetSuite WMS Advanced is packaged as set of configuration options in the complete Pacejet bundle 6.0 on Suiteapp. When WMS Advanced support is activated, integrated processing switches from NetSuite item fulfillment records to the Ship Manifest and Open Task records managed as part of WMS processing. While the demo video below provides a good overview and introduction, here are a few of the key feature highlights along with answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Automatic Integration: When NetSuite WMS Advanced integration is activated, Pacejet automatic integration switches to operate off of Ship Manifest and Open Task records. As users pick and pack shipments in WMS, Ship Manifest records are created and automatically transmit to the Pacejet Shipping workbench. Users can then process shipments using a variety of workflows including scan-and-ship, rate-shop-and-ship, etc...  
  • Shipping Data Capture: Shipping details captured from carriers are updated to NetSuite Ship Manifest records automatically as shipments are processed. Some of the key details recorded included carrier, service, tracking numbers, shipping charges, total packages.
  • Package Merging: As multiple packages in NetSuite WMS are created in packing for the same order, they are transmitted to the Pacejet shipping workbench and automatically merged into a single shipment. This flexibility allows warehouse teams to better control how packing is managed.
  • Auto Ship: Integration support includes a standard feature (using CustomField3) to trigger "auto shipping" in Pacejet as part of WMS pick-pack-ship processing. When this feature is used, the System field in WMS is also used to pass in a workstation ID for use in automatically printing labels and paperwork.
  • Commodity Management: For more automated international shipping support, Pacejet provides commodity field settings on NetSuite item records to group necessary export data elements. WMS Open Task records provide item-to-package records which allow Pacejet to automatically transmit required export data to carriers.
  • Third Party Accounts: Standard Pacejet support for customer carrier accounts is supported with WMS using account detail attached to NetSuite customer records. Billing accounts for UPS, FedEx, and other carriers are automatically transmitted into the shipping processed and used for billing.
  • Other Pacejet Features: Other Pacejet features such as integrated Freight Quoting are also supported while NetSuite WMS Advanced is activated, so users interested in providing freight quotes with rate-shopping can add these workflows into their implementation.


Video Demo and Introduction

This 8 minute (ish) video demo is a bit longer than our usual short-takes but includes a look at basic processing, discussion of differences and similarities, along with some information about documentation available to help you learn more. 


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Please give our support and account team a call or email if you're interested in learning more about Pacejet shipping solutions for NetSuite, including the new options with NetSuite WMS Advanced. The Pacejet team is committed to providing the most advanced cloud-based shipping solutions with complete integration to popular systems like NetSuite, so give us a call if you've got an idea for features that would help improve your shipping operations.

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