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Fully Connected Shipping

Feature Focus - Custom Quick Search

One of Pacejet's new features is a custom Quick Search rule that's accessible through the Quick Search shortcut key. When pressed, the normal search window appears, but now you can quickly find orders and shipments based on a value you've designated, such as a scannable tote bag number. This rule automatically pulls up the scanned information instead of requiring you to manually search through your order list. We've included a brief demo of this feature, covering its simple implementation and use cases within your solution.

Feature Summary

As demonstrated in the video, this feature is easily applied by adding the Custom Quick Search rule. All you need to do is name your custom field, and the Z key will search all shipments where that field is applied. Once installed, you can scan the ID tied to your custom field to see all the orders linked to that ID.

How is this feature used?

One way this feature is useful is if you pick multiple orders for the same shipment and put them into a scannable tote or container. Then, you can associate the tote ID to the custom field, making it simple to see which orders were picked for fulfillment. This improves order tracking and helps identify any problems earlier in the process.

You can learn more about this feature in the Pacejet Help Center.

Want Better Shipping?

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