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Fully Connected Shipping

Key Reasons Why Cloud-Based Shipping is Vital For Your Business

With the invention of cloud computing and cloud-based technology, businesses are evolving through increased access to information and modern tools that collect, analyze, store, and share data across the entire supply chain from carriers, through suppliers and customers.


What is Cloud-based shipping software?

Cloud-based shipping software allows you to securely access your shipping information anytime, anywhere, without the tedious need of only being able to use only one computer, or premise. 

You must be thinking at this point, ‘Why use the Cloud for shipping?’ We put together three key reasons why cloud-based shipping software can elevate your business.  

Accessible, flexible, and easy

Cloud-based shipping software--or SaaS--, like Pacejet, are accessible 24/7 and flexible enough to meet the needs of your business at a big picture and a small picture scale. Having a flexible SaaS shipping software allows shippers to have a subscription that is designed to empower them when making key decisions. This flexibility helps reduce risk because it’s user-driven and controlled by the end-user. 

Whether you need to handle multiple accounts with one carrier or you’re trying to figure out which carrier will help you cut costs, our integration is here to assist you with your shipping woes. 

Keep control of your shipments, processes, and paperwork

Running a business while ensuring that your products are received by your consumers promptly can be a very stressful experience. Luckily, when you have cloud-based shipping software, you know what’s going on the moment it’s happening. A solution like ours helps you keep control of your shipments, invoices, and other processes or paperwork.

Pacejet offers real-time connectivity with carriers, allowing you to know when your shipment is leaving, in-transit, and when it gets there. 

Improved accuracy and cost-efficient 

It does not bode well for a business and its consumers when things go wrong. Of course, sometimes errors can’t be helped, but they can certainly be limited. Because shipping has become increasingly more complex as it evolves with time, it is essential that your business knows where the errors are occurring and how you can put those fires out. 

By doing so, you are increasing your rate of accuracy as well as capitalize on efficiency, leaving little room for mistakes. As a result, shipping becomes cost-effective too. 

The bottom line

By implementing cloud-based shipping software into your ERP, you end making more on ROI and improving efficiency. Pacejet is built to integrate seamlessly with your ERP, streamlining all your processes in order to give you a competitive edge and have shipping at your fingertips. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between legacy and cloud-based shipping technology, check out the table we’ve put together below. 


Legacy Enterprise IT Cloud IT
PC-centric Desktop, mobile, and more 
Tens of millions of users Billions of users
Back office Back office, front office, and customer facing
Internal employees Internal/external
IT driven User-driven
Closed systems Open, integrated platforms
Monolithic technology suites Best-of-breed technologies



Cloud vs. On Premise Chart Download


Get fully connected shipping with Pacejet. 

For more information on Pacejet shipping software, visit www.pacejet.com, call 877-722-3538, or email info@pacejet.com.

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