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Fully Connected Shipping


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3G Launches Pacejet Shipping Upgrade to Deliver Future-Proof Order Fulfillment

Pacejet - News

New tools help shippers quickly deploy new carrier services, rapidly respond to
changing compliance needs, and continuously optimize cost and labor efficiency

COLUMBUS, OH―March 6, 2023―3G, the leader in transportation management and shipping software, announced the launch of 3G Pacejet Shipping 23.1, the company’s enterprise multi-carrier packing and shipping software that seamlessly connects to every part of the shipping ecosystem. The new capabilities in this first 3G Pacejet Shipping upgrade for 2023, help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers bolster agility for quick response to change, improve financial performance, and automate compliance measures so they can focus on customer service.

Compliance for Growing Beyond Borders


Export Compliance

Manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses face many new, unfamiliar compliance requirements as they grow, which can become sources of uncertainty if not addressed proactively. We’ve previously discussed this in regards to retail compliance, but how about international expansion? Growing an international customer base is exciting, as it opens up entirely new markets to your products. When domestic markets become saturated, overseas markets make for logical expansion choices. However, along with that excitement comes a degree of uncertainty – the good kind – of all the additional requirements of shipping goods cross-border.

Making or Breaking your eCommerce Business with Shipping


Shipping matters. What do we mean? You or someone you know likely has a story about an order that arrived damaged or with the wrong item, that ruined the experience with not just the brand, but the shipping carrier, too. 

As eCommerce businesses try to accelerate their growth, it's crucial to understand the pivotal role that shipping can play in making or breaking the business. 

On this episode of The Link Podcast, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ron Lee joins Diego Praderi at Tavano Team to discuss the importance of optimizing shipping processes. 

Pacejet Strengthens Order Fulfillment and Distribution at Tiger Tail USA

Pacejet - News

Global pioneer in muscle recovery reduces order processing time by 75% 

COLUMBUS, OH ―November 07, 2022―Pacejet, a 3G company and leading provider of multi-carrier shipping and parcel solutions, today announced the successful implementation of Pacejet at Tiger Tail USA, a pioneer in muscle recovery. Tiger Tail USA is the manufacturer of award-winning muscle care tools and education programs, including patented foam rollers and massage balls, that are distributed worldwide to physical therapists, consumers, sports teams and corporate wellness muscle care programs. Tiger Tail USA launched Pacejet to bolster growth, ensure reliable product fulfillment, and seamlessly support manufacturing and distribution shifts without disruption. The resulting solution has given the company a platform for continued growth.

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