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Fully Connected Shipping

Are You Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Data-Driven Decisions?

Do you often find yourself scrambling to create a carrier spend report and end up wasting time on multiple sites to collect simple data points? What about any frustrations building complete visibility into shipping times?

Centralize your reporting processes and take the guesswork out of business decisions with a Fully Connected Shipping solution.

Pacejet's robust reporting features help shippers understand the entire supply chain ecosystem and make data-driven decisions. Whether you need quick access to high-level shipment data for management presentations or want to see granular package-level detail like customer tracking information, Pacejet's got you covered. With modern, cloud-based technology, Pacejet's advanced reporting functionality simplifies and automates your data so you can make agile shipping decisions that drive new efficiencies and ROI.


Simplify your shipment reporting

Pacejet's Fully Connected Shipping solution syncs data across your ERP, WMS, and other supply chain or BI tools. This keeps your information in one place, making it easy to access what you need when you need it. Gone are the days of hunting for information, emailing others who might know the answers, or giving up in exasperation. With standard reports built into the system, Pacejet provides detailed information about things like shipment summaries, shipment savings, Certificates of Origin, Bill of Lading, invoices, and much more.

Access reports and data by detail level:

    • Global Reports: Provide easy access, with a click of a button, to a summary of data for all your shipments by the day, week, month, or year, including shipments by carriers, total orders shipped, total containers shipped, billable freight cost, and a percentage of parcel, LTL, or international shipments 
    • Shipment Summary Reports: Access high-level detail on individual shipments along with employee-level information to know which team members are packing/shipping orders 
    • Standard Freight Data: Generate reports to gain visibility into package level detail 
    • Shipment Savings Reports: Find the value of rate shopping with a report that calculates your total savings on all your shipments processed through Pacejet

Automated reports to save time and money 

With ShipOptics, Pacejet users receive daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports containing shipping scorecards with actionable information to save time and money. Using this technology gives you an easier way to keep up with your shipments, view and digest the data regularly, and measure long-term savings and successes.

Automated ShipOptics reports include scorecards with the following data:

    • On-time Delivery
    • ERP Update Audit
    • Shipment Summary
    • Shipment Savings
    • Subscription Expiry
    • Carrier Delivery Exceptions
    • Carrier Scorecards
    • Trailing 12 Month Shipment Summary

Track and manage carrier performance 

Keep close tabs on how your carriers are doing. Manage and improve shipping times as you track deliveries in real-time from origin to their final destination. With Pacejet's Carrier Performance Management, you can easily measure on-time delivery for all carriers and find the root causes of late arrivals, helping to manage expectations and keep customers informed. 

Identify carrier fees with Freight Audit 

Pacejet Freight Auditing helps you reduce shipping costs and eliminate carrier invoicing mistakes by matching the detail in carrier invoices to your actual shipping records to ensure your expenses are consistent. Easily sift through thousands of carrier invoices to tighten payment accuracy, confirm your refunds, avoid extra service fees, and find savings opportunities.

Maximize shipping visibility 

Don't remain in the dark about your shipping ecosystem. There's an easier way to have all the information you need at your fingertips, and in a fast-paced world, it pays to make data-driven decisions. Centralize your reporting and supply chain processes with a Fully Connected Shipping solution, so you never have to hunt for information again.  

Ready to increase your confidence and optimize your supply chain with data-driven shipping decisions?

Send us an email (sales@pacejet.com) or give us a call (877.722.3538) to request more information.


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