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Acumatica Summit 2022 Event Recap and Highlights

An exciting time to be part of the Acumatica ecosystem!

Last week the Pacejet team attended Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful opportunity to finally reconnect in-person with valued customers and partners, present alongside other leading ISVs, and learn about things to come.


Acumatica remains very partnership-oriented, making ever-increasing investments in its partner ecosystem. If we noticed one recurring theme, it was empowering Acumatica’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners to provide an exceptional customer experience. Many of the most exciting programs discussed are aimed at reducing the friction with which VARs integrate Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), like Pacejet, with customers’ Acumatica ERP. 

To better address customer needs, Acumatica recently introduced vertical-specific versions of its ERP platform – for industries like manufacturing, retail, distribution and construction. Much like Pacejet, Acumatica has realized the potential impact of vertical-specific nuances on growth, and is tailoring its software to enable that growth.


Acumatica-badgesThe excitement around programs like Fulfilled by Acumatica and Built by Acumatica (both of which Pacejet is a participant in) was also noticeable. Fulfilled by Acumatica allows VARs to quote integration pricing directly, reducing both time and friction of implementation. Likewise, integrations Built by Acumatica provide a degree of connectivity and reliability not found in third-party-built integrations. Pacejet was the first (and remains the only) multi-carrier shipping software to leverage either and we were really excited to see so many VARs recognize their value.  


Speaking Session: Key Integrations for your Distribution Business

During the Distribution breakout session, Pacejet was privileged to take the stage along with fellow Fulfilled by Acumatica ISVs, Netstock, TrueCommerce and Vertex. It was a great session and gave both customers and VARs an opportunity to see more of the Acumatica ecosystem in action, and a preview of how different integrations might work in concert with one another.  

Acumatica Summit 2022 Steve Karem Speaking

Partner and Customer Awards and Recognition

Perhaps most exciting was seeing such strong recognition of our customers’ and partners’ successes. Blytheco, a long-time VAR partner, won the Partner of the Year award, while Pacejet customer Portacool took home the Manufacturer of the Year trophy!  

 Acumatica Summit 2022 Portacool Team Photo

Overall, this was an exciting Summit for all participants in the Acumatica ecosystem. Pacejet was fortunate to be able to connect with so many like-minded companies – technology innovators committed first and foremost to enabling success for their partners and customers.  

Pacejet understands that not everybody who would typically attend was able to do so this year; if you missed us at the event, schedule some time with us to connect. We’d love to hear from you. 

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