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Fully Connected Shipping

Connected Business Delivered via Acumatica, Pacejet, and Minisoft for Shippers

Recently our Acumatica expert, Steve Karem, hosted a webinar alongside Doug Greenup at Minisoft to discuss how our Fully Connected partnership helps deliver shipping automation for Acumatica users. With our solutions, Acumatica customers save time and money on their shipping processes and shipping documentation. Interested in learning more? Continue reading for an overview of our partnered capabilities as well as a link to listen in to our recording.

Delivering a Better Shipping Experience

Pacejet's Fulfilled by Acumatica solution delivers Fully Connected Shipping to users with our flexible and scalable platform that streamlines processes across the entire shipping ecosystem. Saving customers both time and money with our RESTful API connectivity, robust network of 65+ carriers, and shipping/packing automation, Pacejet helps customers increase efficiencies and create a competitive edge. 

Now combine that with the Minisoft eFormz Acumatica Certified Application, and users receive all of Pacejet's advanced shipping functionality, plus Minsoft's eFormz form and label generation tools. Minisoft's solution provides users with a large variety of shipping documentation, including barcode labels, laser forms, thousands of pre-defined templates, and email/SMS/MMS shipment status notificationsWhether you're looking for EAN-8 or EAN-13 barcodes to GS1-128 compliance labels, Minisoft has you covered. 

Together, our solutions maximize efficiencies and cost savings within your shipping environment as Pacejet streamlines shipping processes and Minisoft creates all your required shipping documentation.

Interested in Learning More? 

Want to learn how you can make shipping your competitive advantage while leveraging your Acumatica cloud technology? Then check out the webinar below for more info.

fully connected shipping built by Acumatica webinar

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