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Fully Connected Shipping

5 Key Features for Growing Acumatica Shippers

It’s an exciting time when your business is growing with new sales, new customers, and expanding product lines all paving the way to a brighter future. For your shipping team, growth brings new challenges that can stress the people, processes, and technology that bridge the gap between sales and revenue. More or larger sales orders might mean new freight shipping challenges, increased delivery errors, higher costs, or even more shipping capacity problems. Complex new workflows and paperwork for export compliance and customer demands for personalized shipping service can slow deliveries, irritate customers, and frustrate employees.

Whether you are a long-time Pacejet shipper hitting a new growth spurt or a new customer readying for a fast scale-up, here are 5 key features to consider as you position your business for growth.

Start Quickly with Parcel and Turn on Freight When Needed

One of the most common reasons growing shippers replace existing shipping software is the need for improved freight management functionality. New products, new customers, and new sales channels often lead to omni-channel expansion, where suddenly new and larger customers expect better freight shipping execution. Since Pacejet is both multi-carrier and multi-mode software, shippers can start with parcel and add freight via LTL carriers and 3PL services when those needs arise.

Pacejet Rate and ShipPacejet Shipping for Acumatica includes complete freight functionality, allowing
shippers to start with parcel, and add shipping via LTL carriers and 3PL services when those needs arise.

Achieve 99%+ Shipping Accuracy and Scale-Up with Scanning

Barcode scanning is 5-7 times faster and 10,000 times more accurate than a keyboard and mouse, so growing shippers will want to add scanning as a key productivity enhancement. Low-cost barcode scanners are available from Amazon and other sources for less than $100 and can be easily added to most existing shipping stations. Pacejet supports both touch-less operation of the software with “scan codes” that replace keyboard and mouse usage, along with dedicated user screens and workflows to validate items, quantities, build-up packages, and capture other shipping details via barcode scanners.

Barcode ScanningPacejet scanning support is a popular expansion feature for Acumatica shippers, helping eliminate costly shipping errors with scan-validation of order items and quantities, and driving fulfillment speed with “touch-less” software operation using scanners instead of a keyboard and mouse.

Automate, Customize, and Control Shipping Service and Financials

Diverse shipment billing scenarios, multiple customer carrier accounts, mixed freight terms, and customer shipping preferences are just a few complications that accompany sales growth. When pack-and-ship operations are small, special shipping requirements are manageable with procedures and cheat-sheets, but as volume scales these keep-it-simple methods become unreliable. To streamline operations, Pacejet provides purpose-built tools to automatically bill shipping to customer carrier accounts, set preferences to unique customer needs, and even run custom shipping rules for business-specific policies. With automation in place, the warehouse team can run faster, more accurate, more efficient shipping without worrying about special customer or business process exceptions.

Custom Carriers

Key features like support for automatic shipping against multiple customer carrier accounts help Acumatica shippers scale-up operations while providing increasingly personalized customer service.

Grow Exports with Automated Data Capture and Shipping Paperwork

Exports from the United States jumped 6.6% in March of 2021 and are expected to be a continuing growth opportunity for shippers over the next few years. Compliance paperwork such as commercial invoices require more detailed information on products packed into shipping containers and management of new data such as harmonized tariff codes and declared value. Even if shippers aren’t yet ready to ramp-up export sales, implementing Pacejet foundational features like scan-pack or item-pack can put in place best-practices that enable better export shipping automation when the timing is right.

Commercial InvoicePacejet export management features help growing Acumatica shippers more easily ramp-up 
international sales with easier and more automated compliance and paperwork support.

Realize 15% Lower Freight Rates with More LTL Carriers and 3PL Services

Freight capacity challenges are expected to continue into the second half of 2021, according to reports from multiple analysts and transportation industry groups. Driven by continuing economic growth, a persistent driver shortage, and despite surging inflation, most industry observers are expecting more capacity limits, fuel surcharge increases above 20%, and the likelihood of rate increases. For Pacejet shippers facing these unusual market conditions, 3PL services can be easily added to increase the number of LTL freight options and overall freight capacity (see related article “3 Reasons to Add a 3PL to Your Parcel and LTL Shipping Software” for more ideas in this area).

Carrier NetworkPacejet can help Acumatica shippers leverage top industry 3PL Services for freight, tapping into more than 1,000 LTL freight services covering a wide range of services and delivery regions.

Want to learn more about Pacejet Shipping Software

Watch our latest webinar to learn more about Pacejet Shipping Software for Acumatica. Our integration brings customers the ability to manage complex shipping situations, print shipping paperwork, receive real-time access to 65+ carriers, and automate manual processes.

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