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Pacejet 19.9 Update Offers Six New API Endpoints And More

Pacejet is pleased to announce that our new 19.9 update on the Pacejet shipping software platform will deliver six new endpoints to our RESTful API, along with several usability improvements, functional expansions, and software corrections. The 19.9 release is our 10th platform enhancement release so far in 2019, which demonstrates our commitment in maintaining accelerated 3 – 4 week innovation cycles, all designed to improve your shipping experience.

Pacejet’s 19.9 update is scheduled to be released during late July for users in the East Coast datacenters, with a follow-up for users in the West Coast datacenters shortly after. The new release will not fundamentally change your primary user experience and will require minimum user training.

Read on to learn more about the Pacejet 19.9 features and updates. Please find the release notes in Pacejet Help Center within the platform (also available here).

Shipping API Version 2.4

The Pacejet 19.9 platform update includes an enhanced version 2.4 RESTful shipping API with support for tighter data integration and improved application configuration control. New endpoints for Commodities, Classifications, HazardousMaterials, and ScanCodes make for easy and automated data management within ERP/WMS systems. The new Facilities and BillingAccount endpoints provide improved support for automated configuration management.

User and partner integrations can take advantage of the new shipping API endpoints when they use the Pacejet API version controls to seamlessly transition to our newer functionality. Pacejet will also be leveraging the new API 2.4 endpoints in our upcoming Bulk Import/Export module to help update your configurations, as well as process bulk shipments without the need of an ERP integration.



Rates API Now Supports the Exclude Feature

Another powerful addition to the API 2.4 version is new support for the exclude tag with the Rates endpoint. . The exclude tag functions alongside Pacejet Custom Rate Rules to help support highly configurable rules that are a part of our rate-shopping automation. It may impact both the user interface and API responses.

One great example use-case is leveraging transit-time in upfront freight quotes. If a Custom Rate Rule is defined to rate shop for the "lowest cost shipping service with a defined transit-time of less than 2 days", the new exclude tag will tell websites or other Rates integrations which services should be removed. (Look for the upcoming Pacejet Rules engine to also take advantage of this feature as we build out new types of rule template libraries).



Piece Count for Bill of Lading or Packing List

This new user-driven feature added in the 19.9 release is an optional piece count at package level. This often-requested feature provides users with an easy way to identify total pieces per package, which can be displayed on a packing lists or on a Bill of Lading document.


Orchestrate Paperwork Printing with Shipping

With the new POST and DELETE features, both included in the Paperwork API endpoint, Pacejet’s integrations can coordinate the issuance of any paperwork by printing shipping documents and labels. This flexibility allows implementers to not only leverage the paperwork and labeling features of many applications, but also manage printing them in a swift and easy shipping process.

One example use-case is to configure the paperwork engine of an ERP or WMS system to generate a packing list or invoice at the time of picking or packing and send that document to Pacejet with "deferred printing". When users scan-and ship the order in Pacejet, the labels created or captured by Pacejet will print along with the packing list or invoice created by the ERP or WMS.


Reach out to learn more

Pacejet customers can contact their customer success managers or Pacejet support to learn more about the new Pacejet 19.9 platform update and release. If you are new to Pacejet, email info@pacejet.com and one of our team members will reach out to discuss your specific needs.

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